Sewer & Drain Service

Sewer and Drain Service

A&H Mechanical Services offers sewer and drain cleaning for both residential and local businesses in the North New Jersey area. We have years of experience in keeping drains flowing, clogged toilets flushing and replacing outdated pipes with new one that will pass the test of time and use.

Your sewer lines may become clogged blocked or damaged by things like tree roots, clogs caused by FOG (fat, oil and grease), buildups of hair or other debris or even corrosion caused by advanced age.

Tree Root Pipe Damage

Sewer repair services often include the occasion of having tree roots grow into pipes and blocking them.
This naturally occurring but potentially costly (and disgusting) problem can cause sewage to backup into your home through toilets and tub or shower drains. This backflow can seep into carpets and underneath walls and flooring, causing massive damage to your home. Don’t worry though, we will get to the root of the problem.

A&H Mechanical Services can determine if roots have grown into your sewer line and take appropriate action to repair your pipe, removing the root(s) and replacing a section of your line without having to tear up your property excessively.

Corroded Pipes

Older sewer lines, particularly those made of metal rather that PVC, can corrode over time. This corrosion causes your pipes to become brittle and potentially susceptible to damage from a number of sources like excess pressure from above as well as a number of other sources.

If your pipes have aged to this point, it is a given that they should be replaced immediately. A&H Mechanical Services can replace your aged pipes with new ones composed of materials highly resistant to corrosion and damage.

Buildup of Sludge or Debris Blocking Your Drains

The drains in your home can home can become clogged by buildups of sludge, hair, grease, soaps and detergents, cholesterol-like fat deposits and a number of other things.

Here is a short list of things you SHOULD NOT flush or pour into your drains to keep them running:

Personal Hygiene Products Like Tampons or Baby Wipes
Cigarette Butts
Paint Thinner or Other Harsh Chemicals
Gravel or Dirt
Coated Paper of any Kind

Our professionals at A&H Mechanical Services can help to clean your drains, allowing them to flow freely and properly. Whether a clogged kitchen sink, a clogged tub drain or even a clogged washing machine drain, we can get your systems working again in no time. If your drains are particularly slow, now may be a great time to call us before a more serious problem occurs!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A&H Mechanical Services stands by everything we do with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, giving you the peace of mind that no matter what we will take care of your needs to the fullest of our significant capabilities.
Our experts have years of drain and sewer cleaning experience and in diagnosing and treating problems that, if left un-treated, can cause expensive collateral damage.

Call us today if your drains aren’t working to the best of their ability.

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